PowerTalk Seminars, LLC - "Communicating for Results!"
"I loved the smaller group size and interaction, rather than feeling lost in a crowd.  I enjoyed the intimate setting and smaller room.  I have a lot of trouble with nerves, so I enjoyed the Helen Hayes quote and the Jack Nicklaus quote.  I'll remember to make my first choice my second choice.  You did a great job!"    
 - Dave Ryan The Morning Show KDWB Radio 101.3
"I liked learning to persuade others.  The tips I found most helpful were reading body language, and persuasion techniques."   
  -- Devean George     3 time NBA Champion with the L.A. Lakers.
"The 3 C's of Effective Communication is perfect for leaders, supervisors, and individual contributors who want to improve their communication skills."  
 -- Susan J. Fronk  
    Experienced Consultant, SCORE
"Great program!  Chocolates a nice touch!  I liked the visual aids and the participation activities.  These emphasized what we were trying to learn!"           
 --  Mathew McKenzie  
     Great Expectations Marketing   
      Thunder Bay, Ontario
 "I recently attended the PowerTalk Seminar "The Three C's of Effective Communication" and found the content quite useful.  The speakers were polished  and presented the information quite effectively, and kept it fun as well.  I would definitely recommend this seminar to people interested in learning some ways to improve their ability to communicate effectively with others."   
 -- Faye Heffele, DTM  
    Rivers Division Governor 2009/10
"I learned a lot and it was really fun.  New information to me.  Material was presented in a fun way.  Good participation with fellow members.  Great handouts!  I found "NLP Tips to Persuade" most helpful!"
 -- Andy Lacroix 
   President & Founder 
    Best Self Seminars! 
   Thunder Bay, Ontario
"I loved it!!  The interaction was wonderful!  Very fun!!  I found so many things helpful.  I really need the "Listening Piece."  Keep up what you're doing!!  I loved it!   --Julie  B. Hill  
Founder and inspirational speaker.
Inspired Thinking, LLC   
"Very helpful how to be a better speaker!  Everything was great!"    
-- Meroslava Bryn  
   Workshop participant
"I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program!"
 -- David Goldsworthy 
    Thunder Bay, Ontario
"I learned a lot from each presenter.  I truly enjoyed the experience and took a lot away.  The information I learned will enhance the way that I deal with customers, management, and other employees at work.  I can see some of the techniques helping me to build my sales at work and enhancing my toastmasters skills.  I hope you have great success in your seminars and I hope to see you soon at another event."     
 --Arlene Gallegos - Estee Lauder Beauty Consultant
"I liked your learning environment.  The tip I found most helpul was body language.  Very good!" 
 -- Goerge Stewart   Business owner - Changez Barber Shop
"Information was very well presented.  Handouts were very helpful." 
-- Mike Ryan  Independent Financial Advisor
"I enjoyed the various different avenues that were addressed. Good information!"  --Christopher Wrobel  - WROCRO Industries
"I enjoyed the interactive program and liked the exercises." 
 --Ravi Rai  - Toastmaster 
"I liked the varied programs.  Filling in the blanks reinforced the concepts. The hands-on team-builing exercises were fun and helpful.  All good!"       
 --Sue Schaumann -Toastmaster
"I liked your enthusiasm and the reminders of what makes a good leader."   
-- Julie Meyr - Workshop Particiipant
"I liked the examples and exercises on how to build /develop interpersonal skills and how to communicate better/softer."--  Sooyeon Yoo - Workshop Participant
"I found the e-mail tips most helpful!"
-- Katherine Keeping  
   Gratitude Gem Oils 
   Thunder Bay, Ontario
"I liked the hand-outs!"
- Sandy Moonias -  Workshop participant - Thunder Bay, Ontario
"This was a wonderful evening.  The food and the content were well worth the investment.  Each of the presenters was well prepared and entertaining.  Thank you for a wonderful evening!" --  Deb Brown --Time Creators

"Today's overall program exceeded expectations, beautifully organized and warm presenting." -- Robin Kellogg  -- Robin Kellogg Enterprises

"Good interaction --- Great Job!"
-  Brian Rice -Toastmaster & Workshop Participant
"I liked that you reinforced the importance of attitude when I needed it most."
 -- Cassie Wickland  - Workshop Participant
"All the topics were great and motivating"!  
 -  George Ata-baah  
Rethink Foundation Inc

"Enjoyable break to review GOALS!! " -  Glen Gasm - Workshop Participant
"The program summary was enough to get me here but didn't give so much away that I wasn't interested throughout the program.  I liked the high energy and fun.  Kept me interested!  Some of the tips that I found helpful were the different characteristics of a good leader which were approached from different angles."    --Claudine Barbetti    - Land-O-Lakes
"A lot of great of information presented in a fun way!  Covered a lot of the basics, kept it moving, and kept it all interesting.  The tips I found most helpful were the different personality types and learning from failure." 
--Lindsey Hegle  - Mill Creek Entertainment
"The program was well organized and each presenter was well prepared.  I felt that you under promised and over delivered."   
 -- Diane Windingland  
   "Small Talk, Big Results!"
"Great basic overview and reminders.  I liked the back to basics and closing question suggestions.  The tips I found most helpful were the closing questions."  --John Kaminski      Mill Creek Entertainment
"I liked the 3 different personality speaking types and Roman's closing tips!"       
   --Adam Bonine --AB Conv Services
"I liked Roman's psychology of people!"  - Kathy Simon  - K10 Detection
"Good information and new insights into Gen Y."
  ---Julianne Savage  
 Professional speaker/Workshop Presenter 
 JumpStart Your Weigh, LLC     
"The workshop session materials/handouts were useful and this was an enjoyable learning experience.  Today's overall program absolutely met my expectations!  I liked the personal examples and team building tasks."
-- Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, Evolve Systems   
"I liked all of it!  I found all the tips to be helpful and motivating!"
 -- Sharon Solomon    Toastmaster  & Workshop Participant                             
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