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"Communicating for Results!"


Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk M.Ed/DTM/DPP

President and Co-Founder

(952) 221-1701 |

 As an active member of the National Speakers Association and past member of Toastmasters International, Vitalia brings energy, experience, and enthusiasm to our organization.

Vitalia is the President of PowerTalk Seminars, LLC and a charter member of PowerTalk Toastmasters and Founder of the PowerTalk Power Club. She is an award-winning international speaker, author, and success coach, who has worked with many businesses in a wide array of industries across the U.S. and Canada.

She offers high-content, interactive leadership, sales training, and goal-achievement workshops that are filled with fun, humor, and teachable moments.

Vitalia's leadership experience spans both the small business and corporate world where she has worked as an educator, an entertaining professional speaker, and a captivating trainer.

The tools and techniques she shares with her audience for enhancing their communication effectiveness and increasing their leadership and people management skills consistently have a dramatic positive impact.

That impact comes in the form of more goal-achievement strategies, more confidence, and improved human relations skills, often resulting in more business, increased productivity, team cohesiveness, and significantly higher levels of success.

It has been said many times that luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.

Vitalia believes that through skill development and preparation, we create our own opportunities. 

She entertains audiences with her motivational and delightful personal stories where the recurring message throughout her workshops and keynotes is to:

Be Determined!

Take Risks! 

And Persevere!

Dream Big!

Think Positive!

Vitalia motivates audiences to "Maximize Their Potential!" and prosper through professional development and personal growth.

Please note that the workshops listed are 30-90 min max and can also be modified for keynotes. Half-day and full-day training programs available too.

For more information on any of these workshops, or to book Vitalia for your next training event, contact Vitalia directly
at (952) 221-1701 or


“Attitude is Everything!” – Employee Attitude Adjustment

Do your workers need an “Attitude Adjustment?!” This nuts and bolts interactive seminar teaches the importance of good working relationships for career success and illustrates how attitude affects human relations. This participant-focused, activity-oriented training seminar offers plenty of time for fun, communication games, small-group discussion, and problem analysis. Participants will acquire the tools necessary for keeping motivation high when morale may be low. Don’t allow bad attitudes to diminish productivity. Let this seminar help adjust your employees’ negativity!

"The Triple AAA Factor: Attitude-Achievement-Accountability!"

Whether you’re a leader supervising your specific department or teams, or an individual team player working towards a common goal, each one of us is held accountable for our own individual, as well as our team’s success. The main lesson or message presented in this workshop is just how much in terms of career success your attitude really counts! The problem with attitudes is that they are a disease. Good or bad, they are contagious. This workshop examines:

  • Understanding human relations.

  • Recognizing destructive vs. productive attitudes.

  • Learning how a positive attitude can help you succeed on the job.

  • Discovering how the right attitude can help you solve problems on the job resulting in higher levels of achievement.

“The Road to Happiness” – Discovering Joy in the Simple Things in Life.

This keynote/workshop offers simple exercises and activities to help you recognize the joy in every aspect of your life. Come learn the four principles of everyday happiness. Topics included are: happiness discovered at home, relationships, body, career, money, and nature. NOTE: Although this workshop can be tailored for any audience, its heartfelt message primarily focuses on women – especially single, widowed, or divorced. (Vitalia shares her own personal story with a surprising outcome.)


"Common Sense Communication"

Leadership and communication, the two go hand-in-hand. Effective leaders develop their communication and human relations skills. This workshop examines common sense strategies that will help you gain influence, win friends over, and manage your teams more effectively as well as Identify 12 essential elements in dealing with people that can result in successful business and
social relationships.

“Listen and Learn” – Become a Better Communicator with the Listening Difference 

If we can’t listen, we can’t learn. For most of us, just listening to information is not good enough to learn quickly and effectively. This workshop focuses on acquiring good listening skills and getting the information we need to respond appropriately and influence effectively. Become a better communicator and learn the difference between giving instruction versus giving information. Develop your assertiveness skills through polite messages without damaging your personal or professional relationships. 

“The Professional Advantage” First Impressions are Lasting Impressions- Put Your Best Foot forward w/o Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth! 

First impressions are often lasting impressions. This workshop focuses on resume writing, interview skills and dressing for success. In addition, the workshop content will emphasize good communication, time-management and organizational skills, and the importance of developing good human relation skills. Make your first impression your best impression!

“Proficiency-Pride-Professionalism” – Developing Skill Sets to the Highest Degree!

This workshop addresses the need for being proficient in our careers, having pride in our work, and maintaining a professional image. Content includes:

  • Developing our skill sets to the highest degree possible.

  • Fostering positive and productive work relationships with colleagues, supervisors and customers.

  • Examining our communication styles and the messages we convey through verbal/non-verbal behaviors.

  • Identifying the habits that can lead us to success or set us up for failure.

This workshop is geared to increase employee productivity and improve work performance.

“Conflict Resolution” – Dealing With Difficulties: People & Situations

We deal with conflict everyday. How we deal with conflict is crucial to our own success. Participants will examine the cause of conflict from a variety of perspectives and will learn the strategies for achieving peaceful resolution. NOTE: This workshop is often coupled with “Dealing With Difficult People”.

“Dealing With Difficult People” – Discover Strategies for Improving

Workplace Relationships

This workshop examines difficult personalities you may encounter during your workday and effective strategies for reducing workplace stress. Participants are often surprised when they discover habits, traits, or behavior patterns that they themselves possess which could be labeled as “difficult.” Please note that this is intended to be a non-threatening, fun, and humorous session. The focus is to acquire strategies that help participants to understand, cope with, and manage difficult personalities more effectively.

NOTE: This workshop is often coupled with “Conflict Resolution.”


“Maximize Your Potential!”

If you’re looking for goal-achievement strategies and tips for overcoming challenges, then this all-encompassing, high-impact, high-energy, most requested workshop is for you. This fun, highly motivating, interactive session will help you identify and achieve your goals. You will find that the positive messages are applicable for both personal and professional life and there are many simple, yet effective tools that can be applied immediately to accelerate your success! In this workshop we will:

  • Examine how attitude impacts success.

  • Learn the five secrets all successful people know and have in common. 

  • Identify four key elements you or your organization needs in order to succeed.

  • Discover how to unlock the power of your name to attain higher levels of success!

“Get Set for Success!”

This goal-focused, high-participatory workshop focuses on motivation and success! It includes: 

  • Defining success.

  • How attitudes impact success.

  • How role models influence our lives.

  • Qualities effective leaders must possess.

  • Five-step formula for success.

  • Five important secrets all successful people know.

“Eye On the Future” – Follow Your Dream! (Confidence for Success)

We must all have a dream. Without one, we lack definiteness of purpose. Napoleon Hill said that definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. You must first know where you are going if you are ever to have any hope of arriving there. This workshop focuses on how to overcome confidence-shaking moments, maintain focus on your goals, and identifies what sets the achievers apart from the non-achievers.


"Leadership Excellence!”

If you’re looking for high performance leadership, service, and results, this workshop develops courage, comfort, and confidence to help you lead your teams to higher levels of success! In this workshop we will:

  • Discover the characteristics that demonstrate leadership excellence.
  • Examine how attitudes impact success.
  • Apply a six-step ACTION plan for achieving our goals.
  • Discuss influence role models/mentors have on our lives.
  • Identify the qualities effective leaders must possess.

    • Examine the challenges we may face and why we fail, vs. tools and strategies we can use to succeed.

    • Recognize five important secrets all successful leaders know.

    • Learn a five-step formula to share with your teams to ensure their success.

    “Finding the Leader Within You”

    Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and will power, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. This workshop focuses on the human relations aspect of earning trust and respect from your team members, and the qualities effective leaders must possess. It is geared for participants ready to lead their teams to success. In this workshop we will:

    • Examine the human capital goals that help us focus on leadership.

    • Identify the qualities effective leaders must posses.

    • Discuss how attitudes and our human relations skills impact leadership.

    • Recognize how positive role models can have a great influence in our lives.

    • Discover three basic ways people become leaders.

    • Examine a Leadership Framework to help you develop your leadership skills. 

    • Identify eleven basic principles of leadership.

    • Discuss character and recognize the beliefs, values, skills and traits that influence our own leadership styles.

    • Discover the most common personality traits of successful leaders.

    • Examine additional leadership principles and how attitude impacts success.

    “Become a GOAL Digger and SCORE with the New Generation”

    Leading a generation with goals and values that are different from your own is like leading a horse to water... and well, you know the rest. What do you do when the goals and values of your team members aren't aligned with yours? How do you engage them in your vision, help them find meaning in their work, and get them to achieve your organizational goals? "It's time to saddle up," I say. The "Goal Rush" is here! This session will provide you with a shovel (and other tools) to help you dig. In this workshop we will:

    • Discover effective human relations skills that provide a fun and nurturing work environment.

    • Apply the "GOAL rush" strategy to reveal new generation values.

    • Dig for "GEN Y" goals and align them with your overall organizational vision.

    “Kiss Butt vs. Kick Butt Leadership!”

    (Don’t Let Other People’s Butts Get in the Way!)

    1) Are you a dictator, delegator, community servant, or a wimp?

    2) Do you find your leadership and communication style to clash with others like opposite poles of the earth?

    3) Leadership and communication go hand-in-hand, but does everyone on your team really want to hold hands?

    4) Ever wonder how the “kumbayas” get along with the heavy hitters, the “movers and the shakers” of this world?

    Often times we are thrust to work with a variety of personalities. Some may be compatible while others confrontational. Some may be friendly and yet others are quite fearful. Do you ever feel that your own leadership and communication styles just don’t fit?

    Good leaders know when it’s appropriate and advantageous to be kissing butt and can also distinguish when it’s time to start kicking butt. If all you’ve been doing is kissing butt, then you know how much IT STINKS!

    This workshop will help you discover how your personality traits influence your own leadership style and how those traits are accepted and received. Learn 11 ways the heavy hitting “Donald Trumps” and the soft spoken, peace-loving “Mother Theresas” really can (or can’t) make it work!


    "Don't Give in to the Doubters - Improve Your Sales!"

    This mini sales training workshop provides a brief overview of the challenges we may face and why we fail vs.
    strategies we can use to succeed. We’ll examine:

    • My 12-step program for sales success.

    • A five-step formula for additional sales success.

    • The four key elements any individual, organization, or multi-level marketing team needs in order to succeed.

      “Top Floor Elevator Speech”

    (Take Your Networking Skills to the Next Level!)

    In this 45-90 minute workshop, you will create a 16 second sound bite that succinctly introduces yourself, your dream job, and your unique qualifications. Your elevator speech should consist of your name and title, occupation, field of interest or desired position, and something special about yourself: talents, experience, or approach. The goal is to be memorable, stand out from the crowd, and to take your self to the top! Here is what you will learn:

    • Assess you strengths, motivation, and goals.

    • Create conversations with impact and intention.

    • 7 tips to be genuinely engaging and build instant rapport.

    • Fortune is in the follow up! – (referrals, respect, and rewarding relationships)


    "When I first met Vitalia at a Toastmasters International speech contest, about four years ago, I knew then and there; that she was a spirited and passionately gifted woman. Whether working with her at their recently chartered Toastmasters club, Powertalk Toastmasters; or Vitalia Success Seminars, or competing with her in a Toastmasters speech contest, you soon realize that she's a 'Consummate Pro'. Vitalia's commitment to excellence is quite evident in her work as a Dynamic Speaker and Trainer; training and helping individuals from all walks of life, improve their leadership and communication skills. Vitalia's follow-up and attention to detail in her work is paramount. It's no wonder that, from the moment she opens her mouth to speak...she commands the room. If your desire is to improve your leadership and communication skills; as well take your business to the next level...Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk is your answer. She comes highly recommended!”

    Kenny Ray Morgan

    President - Kenny Ray Live! Seminars

    Vitalia, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You did such a wonderful job speaking both times last Sunday morning. Your presentations went way beyond expectations! People just couldn't stop talking about your enthusiasm and powerful messages! We really appreciate all you did to prepare for the morning talks and for coming so early and being so prepared! Thanks for everything!

    Carol Jessen Klixbull & Sheila Ballweg-Pulju

    Red Hat Classy Sassy Ladies - Event Co-Chairs

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