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"Communicating for Results!"

Roman Pundyk DTM/DPP

   Vice President and Co-Founder

(952) 221-2319 |

Roman is an award winning international speaker, author, and Identity Theft protection advisor.

His past leadership and sales training experience includes representing Summit Group International as a senior trainer and business development strategist offering high-content, interactive workshops for maximum results.

These workshops increased individual and team productivity, as well as enhanced communication and improved sales and management skills.

Roman is often invited to present his motivational communication, sales training, and goal-achievement workshops for various corporations, educational groups, and Fortune 500 companies, and has worked with organizations from various industries motivating real estate teams, financial services teams, and multi-level marketing groups to attain higher levels of success.

As Vice President and Co-Founder of PowerTalk Seminars, LLC, he is a past member of Toastmasters International and a charter member of PowerTalk Toastmasters.

His workshop topics include: Leadership, Communication, Sales Training, Team Building, Goal Setting, Presentation Skills, and his highly popular Identity Theft Protection programs.

Please note that the workshops listed are 30-90 min max and can also be modified for keynotes. Half-day and full-day training programs available too.

For more information on any of these workshops, or to book Roman for your next training event, contact Roman directly at (952) 221-2319 or email

"Preventing Mutiny on the Bounty!"

Many business owners, managers, and leaders are asking themselves, "How can we keep the employees from getting overworked and jumping ship?" Leaders need to know how to keep their employees motivated and inspired. If you're a manager or a business owner, you know and understand how important it is to motivate your employees. If you're experiencing problems with how to motivate the employees in your business, this session will help you to discover the truth behind what really makes your employees really tick. In this workshop we will:

  • Learn how to develop your employees' potential.

  • Examine leadership and 5 characteristics essential for this role.

  • Identify 11 communication strategies designed to help you manage your employees' potential effectively.

“Confident Communication!” 

Most organizations agree that their success depends largely on the communication skills of all their employees. Whether in person or on paper, how effectively you communicate affects your work relationships. This workshop will help you gain the confidence you need to share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with other people in commonly understood ways, resulting in more successful relationships in the workplace. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Read facial expressions and
    body language.

  • Identify gender-influenced communication.

  • Examine three communication styles (assertive, passive, aggressive).

  • Discover the importance of developing good listening skills.

“Overcoming Objections to Close the Sale!”

In this day and age when every sales meeting matters, salespeople need to know how to get leverage out of every encounter with their clients. Whether on the phone or in person, salespeople need the tools to help them achieve their goals as well as the goals for their clients. If you’re not helping your clients reach their goals, how can you reach your own goals? Having the tools to do your job successfully is an absolute “must!” This workshop provides communication tools essential for your sales success. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate effectively with 4 personality types.

  • How to use emotion to your advantage.

  • Clarifying questions to uncover needs and wants.

  • Closing questions to gain commitment and secure the sale.

"From Destructive to Constructive!"

Every organization needs to rely on their employees to achieve the organizational goals, but what happens when your employees can’t or won’t get along with each other….when the lines of communication are so fragmented that it starts to affect your bottom line? At what point do you step in and say “enough is enough?” In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to handle employee complaints.

  • Spot problems as they’re developing and take steps to correct them.

  • Know what to say and when to say it.      

  • Become attuned to who knows what about what.

  • Know when to push and when to back off.

"Take the "Fear Factor" Out of Your Presentation Skills!"

Whether you are conducting business meetings, sales presentations, or simply conversing with family and friends, effective communication skills are essential to reaching your goals in life. This workshop will examine:

  • Positive body language vs. negative body language and how it impacts your message.

  • Expressive language vs. purposeful language.

  • How social factors and external motivators can affect your
    end results.

  • How to gain more confidence for positive first impressions.

"Get Fired Up for Success!"

Many people would agree that setting goals is a wise thing to do in order to achieve success, however, few people actually take the time to put their goals in writing. In this session of goal setting, we will:

  • Identify how negative influencers determine your level of success.

  • Discover how "Role Models" can inspire you to greatness.

  • Explore how your personal values influence your goals.

  • Learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and how your reticular activating system can help you achieve them.

Let this highly motivational workshop get you "fired up" and build the courage necessary to overcome obstacles to attain your goals!

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