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Our Meeting Program Emcee

Name:  Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.ED/DTM/DPP

Meeting Theme: Summer Vacations

Favorite Quote:  "When all else fails, take a vacation." - Betty Williams

Brief Bio:  Co-Founder & Director of PowerTalk Seminars, LLC and President of PowerTalk Power Club, Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk is an award-winning international speaker, #1 best selling international author, success strategist, and small business speakers’ coach.  She is a human relations subject matter expert who delivers programs that result in leadership development, improved communication, increased sales, and organizational growth. 

In addition to offering her own powerful on-site presentations for small businesses and corporations, she invites you to participate in her unique content-rich, interactive, high value networking and professional development learning experience as a Power Pal Member of the PowerTalk Power Club!


Thursday Morning
Meeting Agenda

Our 4 Main Speakers


Jane Schuette, M.A/DTM/GPP

4-6 min. Ice Breaker

Speech Title:

What's Your Non-Work Brand?


Our professional introduction most often includes who we work for or our business with a clever slogan to help people remember us.  But have you pondered who you are outside of the workplace or when you are not doing your income-earning job?  What happens if you retire or find yourself in a job transition?  This session will help you ponder and give you ideas to define your non-work or retirement brand.​

Learning Objectives: N/A

Brief Bio:

Jane is an award-winning speaker and author. Her passion is to help you navigate from fear to joy, from tasks gone wrong to positive connections. Throughout a lifetime of research, she has collected the most effective practices and tools designed to educate, energize, and inspire you to build brilliance and create joy.

Gwen New Headshot.jpeg

Gwen Briesmeister

10-15 min. Keynote

Speech Title:

So You Want to be a Documentary Film Maker!


Getting started on your first documentary can be a daunting journey.  Sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to begin.  Are you struggling with finding ideas?  Or are you struggling with the process?  In this session you learn some easy first steps to get started with your first film.​

Learning Objectives:

​Participants will discover the steps to follow in order to become a documentary filmmaker and will learn simple steps in developing filmmaking skills for documentary filmmaking.

Brief Bio:

Gwen is an independent filmmaker, former gifted/talented coordinator, and video production instructor.  She worked for more than 25 years mentoring students in a variety of documentary, narrative, and news projects. For the past 14 years, she has been working on short independent documentary projects focusing on ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.  Her films have screened at several film festivals throughout the Midwest.


Roman Pundyk, DTM/DPP

5-7 min. "How To" Demo

Speech Title:

Things That Make You Go Hmmm..... (Part I)


There's nothing like a good fun fact to restore your sense of wonder about the world around you.  Maybe you're at a dinner party and want to amaze your friends, our speaker will provide you with a few fun facts that will keep the conversation from getting dull.


Learning Objectives: N/A

Brief Bio: 

Co-Founder of PowerTalk Seminars & Vice President of PowerTalk Power Club - & Sr. Director - Legal Shield Roman is an Independent Contractor with LegalShield providing affordable access to the legal system.  He assists individuals, families, small and large businesses with legal services and Identity Theft Protection Programs.

Lori Ziebarth New.jpg

Lori Ziebarth. BPP

15-30 min. Mini-workshop

Speech Title:

Should it Stay or Should it Go?


In the last four years, food prices have risen more than 25%. Because of this, it has become even more important to find the best deals on groceries. However, you may not be getting the full value out of your food when you get it home – and may be tossing stuff you shouldn’t.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding what those dates on food actually mean.

  • Product shelf life.

  • When you should throw food away.

Brief Bio:

With more than two decades of experience in television news and communications, Lori Ziebarth has seen the power words have on the heart, mind, and soul. Words can create chaos and calm, thoughtlessness and thoughtfulness, indifference and interest. Because of this, Lori feels a great responsibility to her audience to convey messages that are crisp, concise, and clear. Lori holds three degrees – an associates in business, a bachelors in television news, and a masters in communications management, but her greatest accomplishment is being the single mom of two active and successful young men – ages 24 and 19.

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