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Tuesday Meeting Sessions:

NOTE -  This page lists our scheduled speakers for the following 3 Quarterly Programs:


                                                   Power Lunch Zoom Hour - Meeting Agenda


                                                   Prime Time Dinner Program - Meeting Agenda


                                                   Pizza Panel Program - Meeting Agenda


Please scroll down to view all speakers scheduled for these Tuesday Meeting Sessions!

PowerTalk Power Lunch Program Updated Info Coming Soon

PowerTalk Dinner Program Updated Info Coming Soon

PowerTalk Pizza Panel Program Presenters


Michael Carlton, DTM/SPP
Meeting Program Emcee

Brief Bio: When people say your resume should only be one page, Michael says he's glad he's not job hunting.  With a plethora of career experience, he is certainly a 2- pager.  Michael spent 24 years in the Auto Repair Industry as a mechanic, auto body technician, and a manager for a number of businesses in the Twin Cities area.  He transitioned into the insurance industry 9 years ago as an agent and spent a few years in the men's formalwear business.  Michael is also a member of Toastmasters International and has held all District Leadership roles including District Director in 2020-2021.  Michael currently is a Commercial Lines Account Manager for an independent Insurance Agency.

Meet The Presenters


Panel Speaker #1

Kirsten Kinzler

Speech Title:

Choice in Education!


We understand that each individual’s educational journey is unique.  Whether it is choosing a traditional school setting, homeschooling, charter school, or online learning.  Kirsten will explore the importance of having options and the impact of making informed choices. Kirsten will focus primarily on the pros and cons of enrollment in the charter school option. 

Learning Objectives: 

Explore education alternatives to match student needs and Identify charter schools as a viable education option in Minnesota.


Brief Bio:

Kirsten has over 30 years of educational experience. She holds a Master's degree focused in Educational Administration & Leadership.  From music teacher to gifted and talented coordinator, she moved to the groundbreaking charter school movement

in Minnesota.


Kirsten’s strengths of expense budget management, human resources, educational and team building were essential in her leadership of eight charter

school start-ups.


She currently is the Executive Director at New Discoveries Montessori Academy in Hutchinson Minnesota. 


As a talented musician her dream of being a

singer and performer is put to great use in providing a quality, comprehensive, education for students, staff and family.

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Panel Speaker #2

Gwen Breismeister

Speech Title:

Becoming a Creative thinker & Problem Solver!


Creative thinking is a critical life skill, and it is essential to nurture it in our students.  This segment of the evening will delve into techniques and approaches that empower learners to tackle challenges and problems with confidence and creativity. 

Learning Objectives:

Develop  simple techniques and a basic understanding of the connectedness of creativity and problem-solving.

Brief Bio:

Gwen has 41 years of teaching experience.  She spent 38 of those years working with gifted/talented students in grades K-12.  She has received numerous educational awards from State History Day Teacher of the Year to being a 2-time recipient of the Leader in Educational Excellence Award and the Outstanding Academic Coach of the Year Award sponsored by the WEM and McKnight foundations.  In her classroom, she strived to create lifelong learners by emphasizing creativity, visual learning, and problem-solving strategies through her curriculum. 

Panel Speaker #3

Jane Schuette, M.A/DTM/GPP

Speech Title:

Creating an A+ Culture!


A positive learning environment is fundamental to student success and well-being.  Jane will show how she helps teachers, parents, and students collectively create a supportive, inclusive, and motivating culture within the school community.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify basic steps to creating a positive culture.

  • Rank your culture using the four basic steps to building an A+ culture.

  • Choose one A+ culture step and plan ways to focus on that step for the 10 to 30 days. 


Brief Bio:

Jane has over 40 years of experience educating all ages.As a former K-12 educator, her fundamental responsibility was to create an environment where students could bring their best selves into the world. This meant guiding positive interactions with students, parents, and staff.  Today, as an executive coach and facilitator, the goal is the same – how to bring your brilliance to life.


An award-winning speaker and author, her passion is to help you navigate from fear to joy, from tasks gone wrong to positive connections.  Throughout a lifetime of research, she has collected the most effective practices and tools designed to educate, energize, and inspire you to build brilliance and create joy. 

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